Cleanmeleon 2 eRobot

• fully automatic and self-sufficient driving and working thanks to a sophisticated control system
• usable by a driver for individual court purposes
• with extra large ground clearance to the chassis for easy crossing of steps
• more flexibility due to different application possibilities
• incl. charger

Technical data

Drive: byttery operated, drive and lighting batteries 4 x 12 V, 80 Ah
Charger: electronic charger 48V, electronic shutdown for battery saving (overcharge protection)
Power: 1100 watts (1,1 KW), 48 Volt
Duration of use: 120 Min.
Speed: 8 km/h forward, 5 km/h backwards
Weight: approx. 225 kg (high pulling force), additional weights possible according to requirements
Size: L: 1800 mm, W: 770 mm, H: 1070 mm
Chassis: 5 mm galvanized
Tires: AS tires16 x 6.50-8
Lifting of attaching machines: via pedal
Mounting options: radial brush, axial sweeper, scraper, pushing shield, snow plough
Modes: manual mode , lern mode, automatic mode