Radial sweeper WR 650 Battery

The handy cordless machine impresses with its uncomplicated operation. It gets into every corner, no matter how small, and sweeps out with precision. The radial sweeper removes even large-volume and long-fibre dirt almost silently. The powerful battery drive can also handle damp leaves and snow with ease.

Handy and effective

  • Very easy to use
  • reaches into every corner, sweeps out uneven areas perfectly thanks to the brush angle
  • moves large-volume and long-fibre dirt
  • virtually silent operation
  • outstanding performance when clearing leaves and sweeping snow

Technical data

Brush drive: 12V- DC motor
Battery: 12V 18Ah gel battery
Charger: special charger with automatic switch-off (overcharge protection)
Duration of use: up to 45 minutes per battery charge
Brush: Polypropylen brush
Working width: 650 mm
Rotation direction of brush: left/right
max. area coverage: 1.500 m2/h
Height of brush container (incl. brush): 18 cm
Tires: pneumatic tires 260/85 with ball bearings (groove ball bearings)
Guiding wheel: 125er solid tire
Weight: approx. 26 kg
Accessories: windrow maker, Cleanbag