Optimal 1600 for rear attachment

The sweeper is designed for attachment to agricultural machinery, wheel loaders or construction machinery. The Optimal 1600 sweeps yards, roads, car parks, silo slabs and stables without leaving any residue. The height can be adjusted via a slotted hole and a lever. By pulling up the collection trough, free sweeping is also possible without dismantling the trough. With a deflection angle of more than 90 degrees, the entire sweepings fall out of the tray without leaving any residue. The third guide wheel ensures stable running and prevents the machine from rocking. The "Optimal" front-mounted sweeper can be optionally upgraded with an additional side brush.

Fast and residue-free

  • Sweeping roller / Sweeper roller height-adjustable via slotted hole and lever

  • Low-wear plastic skids protect collection tray

  • Free sweeping also possible without dismantling

  • Third guide wheel prevents the machine from rocking

  • Optimum angle ensures residue-free tipping

Technical data

Working width: 1600 mm
Brush diameter: 520 mm
Depth of the collection box: 360 mm
Emptying of collecting box: mechanically, hydraulically possible (surcharge)
Swiveling: mechanically, hydraulically possible (surcharge)
Drive: Gerotormotor
Wheels: 2 with rear attachment
Flow rate: 20 - 50 l / min.
Recommended speed: approx. 200 1 / min.
Max. Operating pressure: 180 bar
Weight: approx. 280 kg
Mounting options: via adapter plates as rear or front attachment to various carrier vehicles