Radial sweeper

Our manually leaded radial sweeper remove any dirt flush to the wall, even in winter service they facilitate your work. Available with a powerful charger or Honda motor these year-round machines are the perfect sweeper for small and angled areas independend from any season.

WR 650 Charger

The "little one" - this charger machine is perfect for small, angled areas.

WR 870 Charger

Powerful charger sweeper for year-around use.

WR 870 Charger PRO

Charger sweeper with a higher brush container for moving much material.

WR 870 Honda

Sweeper with Honda motor for powerful cleaning.

WR 870 Honda PRO

Powerful Honda sweeper with a higher brush container for sweeping much material.

WR 870 Honda special (tennis)

Equipped with balloon tyres, perfect for cleaning tennis courts.

WKB 660 Honda

Up to 18 wire braids enable a perfect wedd removing even when it is heavyly grown.


Available are the collecting system "Cleanbag" and a windrow maker for convincing cleaning results.