Radial sweeper

Our manually leaded radial sweeper remove any dirt flush to the wall, even in winter service they facilitate your work. Available with a powerful charger or Honda motor these year-round machines are the perfect sweeper for small and angled areas independend from any season.

WR 650 Battery

Radial sweeper WR 650 Battery

WR 870 Battery

Everywhere and always ready. chemical free moss removal.

WR 870 Battery PRO

Mass operformance.

WR 870 Honda

Unbeatably good.

WR 870 Honda PRO

The power sweeper.

WR 870 Honda special

Gentle powerhouse, dedicated to sport.

WKB 330 battery

Weed removal as simple as that.

WKB 330 petrol engine

Weed removal as simple as that.

WKB 660 Honda

Weed removal as simple as that.


Available are the collecting system "Cleanbag" and a windrow maker for convincing cleaning results.