Optimal 2300 for rear attachment

  • height adjustment of roller brush via slot and lever (depends on wear and tear)
  • low-wear plastic skids protect the collecting box
  • free sweeping possible just by putting up the collecting box (no dismantling necessary!)
  • attaching sweeper „Optimal“ is optionally equipable with an additional side brush
  • Convincing system for emptying the collecting box: The complete dirt falls out the collecting box because of a deplection angle of more than 90°, there are no residues. The collecting box is completely empty for the next work effort

Technical data

Working width: 2300 mm
Diameter of brush: 520 mm
Collecting box: 230 ltr.
Schwerlastaufräder: 2
Drive: Gerotormotor
max. working pressure: 180 bar
Conveyed volume: min. 20 ltr./Min
Brush speed: 100-200 t/Min
Weight: 315 kg