Weed brush WKB 330 battery

The WKB 330 battery weed brush has a rotating brush carrier and the resulting ground pressure prevents scratching of the ground during weed removal. Weeds are thus grasped from all sides and removed cleanly with the root portion.

  • • Plants are attacked from all sides and removed with a large root portion
  • Long-lasting wire braids that can be easily replaced.

Technical data

Brush drive: battery
Duration of use: continously
Brush: 1 rotating wire brushes of 4 braids
Workinf width: 330 mm
Direction of rotation of brush: right
max. area coverage: 900 m2/h (depending on the degree of soiling)
Tires: foamed with polyurethane (with deep groove ball bearing)
Weight: approx. 45 kg
Accessories: all-round splash guard