Weed brush WKB 330 petrol engine

Slightly narrower than the 660, but just as powerful: The petrol WKB 330 also has a planetary gearbox with a rotating brush carrier that is hard on the weeds but gentle on the ground. The even ground pressure prevents the surfaces from being scratched and at the same time gets to the root of the weeds from all sides.

Handy and thorough

  • Plants are attacked from all sides and removed with a large proportion of roots
  • No scratching of the substrate
  • Durable wire braids that can be easily replaced

Technical data

Brush drive: 4 stroke petrol engine
Duration of use: continously
Brush: 1 rotating wire brushes of 4 braids
Workinf width: 330 mm
Direction of rotation of brush: right
max. area coverage: 900 m2/h (depending on the degree of soiling)
Tires: foamed with polyurethane (with deep groove ball bearing)
Weight: approx. 45 kg
Accessories: all-round splash guard