Dozer - the powerpack for the poultry house

  • perfect grip because of all-wheel drive
  • stable coupling triangle for high lifting capacity
  • finds its work effort especially in poultry houses
  • effectively and extensively usable for improved hygiene conditions and increased animal welfare
  • valuable help in cowsheds, bull stalls, pigsties for working under heavy conditions
  • can also be used for communal work efforts



Technical data

Motor: 21,7 kw (29,5 PS), 1260 ccm, 3 cylinder diesell
Hydraulical power: working hydraulic 51 ltr./min; max 180 bar
Lifting power: 500 kg
Steering: hydraulical
Drive: All-wheel (all 6 tyres)
Speed: infinitely variable up to 10 km/h
Tyres: AS tyres 16 x 6.50-8 (6 tyres)
Size: L: 1830mm, W: 970 mm, H: 1320 mm
Empty weight: 725 kg
Chassis: 6 mm steel, galvanized
Attaching machines Via coupling triangle front and back: all machines for municipal technique.
Light Front and back as standart