Perfekt 1800 for rear and / or front attachment

• impact-resistant, dimensionally stable, rust-free plastic housing covers brush roller all around for low-dust sweeping
• roller brush is pendulum suspended, adapts to unevenness and is automatically relieved
• folding up the side cover allows flush sweeping without additional side brush
• also available as an industrial version

The highlight
Flush-mounted sweeping without additional side brush, which allows the attachment sweeper of the line „Perfect“. Simply pull up the side flaps and you can clean up to every edge.

Technical data

Working width: 1800 mm
Brush diameter: 600 mm
Brush suspension: pendulum for ideal ground adjustment, automatic brush relief
Depth of the collection box: 430 mm
Draining the collecting box: hydraulically
Swing: mechanical / hydraulical
Drive: Gerotormotor
Housing: impact-resistant and dimensionally stable plastic, completely sealed fold-up side panels for flush sweeping
Wheels: 3 wheels with greasable turntable
Flow rate: 25 - 50 l / min.
Recommended speed: approx. 200 1 / min.
Max. Operating pressure: 180 bar
Weight: approx. 410 kg
Mounting options: via adapter plates as rear or front attachment to various carrier vehicles