Westermann develops and builds app-controlled vending machines for direct marketing

For many farms, direct marketing of agricultural products is an important pillar of farm income. Vending machines offer a real alternative to the farm shop. The Emsland-based company Westermann has developed a non-stop shop. There are various refrigeration zones and a calibrated scale that measures fresh produce such as meat or vegetables to the gram. The payment itself is contactless and cashless. The customer can even reserve the goods via the app. The operator uses the mobile software to check the inventory or integrate new products. To do this, a photo is uploaded and the price is set.The app also shows the vending machine locations and the navigation of the route. The application is also suitable as anthe application. Information about new goods, changed prices or special seasonal items can be shared via push message.can be shared. In this way, the operator can build up his own community. The vending machines are manufactured in Meppen. The containers, which measure a good three by four metres, can be individually wrapped and thus be optimallyadapt.

Technical data:

  • Power connection 230 V, 16 A
  • External dimensions 4,250 mm x 2,450 mm x 2,900 mm
  • Outer wall sandwich panels
  • Product trays 290 mm x 145 mm x 60 mm
  • Shelf system 45 compartments with ten trays of 5 kg each
  • Temperature constant to within two degrees (independent of outside temperature)
  • Empty weight 1.3 t
  • Minimum stock detection via app for vendor/filler
  • Integrated forklift shoes

Further information at www.nonstop-shop.de